2.12 is a prosperous day for me! It’s not only my first anniversary after I enshrined Gohonzon, it is also my first day of pupillage! I believe it’s a gift from Gohonzon. 🙂

Muhammad Ali Jinnah once said:” I do not believe in taking the right decision, I take a decision and make it right.” Similarly, instead of wishing and hoping to get a good master or gain the best knowledge, I want to create positive values and greatest memories in my 9 months of pupillage! Therefore, I have listed 9 resolutions in my pupillage.

1. Passion

I still remember vividly where I can’t answer the interviewer’s question in relation to my future. Although it is important to live at the present, I want to discover my passion and focus in a specific area that I love. Passion energizes me to get up each morning and help me to find direction in my life and career.

2. Healthy 

This seems like a must-have list in each and every of my resolution. I believe nothing can be done without mentally and physically health. Equipped with best facilities in my condominium, I must hit the gym/swimming pool/badminton court/futsal/squash more often! Also, I wish to get my golf handicap. Most importantly, I must achieve my goal-weight of 52kg. I can do it!

3. Friends

I want to be surrounded and associated with like-minded and passionate friends that can inspire me to do better. Let’s try the law of attractions yayy!

4. Attitude

A positive attitude causes a chain of reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results. Be humble and kind to people. I am thinking of sharing positive messages with random strangers. HAHAHHA. Always treat everyone as you would want them to treat you. Be confident and fearless.

5. Opportunities

Challenges are opportunities. There is no adversity that I cannot transform based on the Buddhist principle of “changing poison into medicine.” Challenges keep a fire in my belly and my passion high. I am not going to let myself stressed out. When I feel that rush of stress, I am going to sit back and put my hands behind my head and stretch out my legs. Be prepared to receive my “crazy notes” or “love letters” to distress lol

6. Reading

This is one of my weakness that I am trying to overcome. I must read newspaper/e-news everyday.

7. Financial 

Make money in Riggit and spend in Ruppiah and I want for nothing. I truly understand pupillage can’t really earn much money but I believe that the knowledge is my greatest treasure that I will gain. It is important to have my financial planning to ensure my monthly expenses are bare minimum. You guys can still date me for lunch/dinner because I have budget for it ;d Hopefully I can get myself a Swiss automatic watch after the 9 months!

8. Blog

I challenge myself to share my daily pupillage experience!

9. Kosen rufu

I want to contribute to my life and share it with others. One of the best ways to share passion with friends, family and colleagues is through face-to-face dialogue. That is why I much value in gatherings and soka activities. I believe it will help me to discover and reaffirm my passsion, resulting in an incredibly amazing and productive months in my pupillage.

I foresee the traffic congestion in my near future. It will my best opportunity to chant 🙂 Chant a minimum 30 minutes for the luck, faith, wisdom and happiness for all.