I appreciated my master who are willing to share her experiences with me.  Looking forward to help them with my limited ability!


It takes time to meet your soulmate? It’s just the first week and take it easy. Be yourself be sincere be humble


The working environment is not too bad. However I couldn’t stand the fact that we have been block to access to Google in office. That’s pretty much ridiculous because most of the research require the assistance of Mr. Google, I want to do something about it because I am Googlemei.


Mamakkkk… I wanna start cooking next week.


Please used to it. I wanna get rid of sesat plz!


I only manage to exercise one time a week. A BIG ROOM OF IMPROVEMENT


Still lack of it, at least one hour a day!

I will start doing my weekly journal, weekly planner, financial record and analysis. A month to settle myself is more than sufficient?

Let’s do it with my absolute hard work! Don’t be lazy and enjoy the bitterness. The best has yet to come.