Nothing can reply the value of face-to-face dialogue. An author of body language James Borg says that human communication consists of 93% body language and para linguistic cues, while only 7% consists of words. Here are just some of the manage advantages of face-to face dialogue. It is definitely useful for me who is still trying to improve my writing skills in English.

Effectiveness: To get things done as soon as possible. When an issue requires a decision, you are able to reach a consensus quickly. One simple 5 minutes conversation could eliminate 15 emails.

Non-verbal communication: Someone who is frequently checking their watch would tell you easily that it’s time to wrap things up. Conversely if the other are smiling and nodding with you, you know that they are agree with you. 

Misunderstanding: How many times a massage or email have been misunderstood or perceived by another party? Face to face meetings will definitely minimize the risk of miscommunication.

Personal touch: There is a feeling of community because we are able to interact with one another. A bond has been built quickly that sets the foundation for trust.

In short, although face to face dialogue are the preferred method of communication, the other forms of communication allows us to save time and boost up productivity without restricted by locality in the age of technology .So, lets trying to get rid of instant messages, e-mail, whatsapp and social media if possible. Let’s meet up and talk 😀