How’s pupillage have been treating you? Besides research, opinion writing, V-notes, DD, translation and reports, we are doing a lots of transcribing.

Transcribing is a process to put the entire court proceedings into a written form. Often time the court proceedings took more than 10 hours on case to case basis. So transcribing has been occupied most of our nights and weekends.

The hours and days in transcribing, compiling and editing can really kill my patience. However, we are still doing it to help out our friends as a team. It can’t be done without the corporation of everyone. Subsequently, I realized that a well functioning team can make work a joy! I was truly amazed by the “Minion spirits” portrayed by my peers. With their energetic demeanor, lively, cooperative and voluntarism, what is not to love about my job?

One cannot achieve great accomplishments without first undergoing the tedious work.I am all ready to embrace and challenges or work that will be given by anyone!

p/s: we are really becoming good friends now