OMG can you believe that I did a mistakes in my Borang 1, this mistakes occurred subsequent to the amendment made by KL Bar.

All qualifications have to be written in Malay instead of English, my senior did perfectly fine with English but I am not…

So what we have to do to remedy the Borang 1 is different from Borang 3-5. Borang 1 cannot be refiled because you will start everything all over again in your pupillage.

1. Notice of Application and affidavit

2. Borang 1 terpinda

3. Service of NOA, Aff and Borang 1 terpinda to KL Bar, Bar Council and AG.

4. File Affidavit of Service to 3 bodies.

5. Serve a letter to notify mistakes to RKKK and 3 bodies.

6. Hearing of NOA in chamber together with a lawyer

7. Done!

Incredible experience with all those borang-borang, I should write a handbook or checklist about it.